Sabrina in the Wine Country

About Sabrina

Since 1988 I have been scouring the countryside for the ultra premium hand crafted wines I present to folks who depend on me as their Personal Wine Consultant; sourcing premium, hard to find, small production, boutique, rare, securing both tightly allocated and under the radar, high quality to value, select wines for busy people who love the good stuff but just don't have the time to do all the shopping (so many labels on the shelves, and so few sales folks who know a thing about it!).    I also do some work in the wholesale marketplace procuring wines for restaurant and retail store clients via  a few small local wineries.

Everything I offer I have screened through, tasting and comparing quality with my colleagues before we decide to actually bring it on board. This way you can be assured the wine you are getting is awesome,  rather than trying to make a decision based simply off of the look of a label.  Also with me, I promise that I have tasted every wine I offer you.

I get special offerings on wines that I do not publish on the web, and are only offered to my select membership and customers.  Membership is free, you only need give me a call at 707-433-8752 or Contact me here:    Sabrina in the Wine Country


 During the Holidays....let me help you with any sort of wine gift, wine / food pairing, corporate wine gifts, etc. etc...(any time of the year, actually)

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